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1 New Releases SerializationMaster version 4.0.1There was a bug in version 4.0.0 when the object type to be serialized 10/4/2015 9:55:01 AM
2 New Releases ASP.NET MVC6The framework is still in beta release but there are a lot of new features and changes , 9/28/2015 2:39:39 AM
3 New Releases With ASP.NET MVC 6, the System.Web will be removed and the application can run as self host similarly 9/24/2015 11:32:12 AM
4 New Releases IBM Cloudant overview, NoSQL database-as-a-service<iframe width="640" height="360" src=" 9/22/2015 3:09:57 AM
5 New Releases New Features in ASP.NET MVC 5.2Software Requirements- Visual Studio 2012: Download ASP.NET and Web Tools 9/18/2015 6:55:23 AM